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Variety Performers

Ample and Trite
Storytelling bawdy wenches, oooo hotdam they're funny!
He's big. Exceptionally so. He hates it when you mention that, so don't. At 6 feet 6 inches, 2 hundred some odd pounds, Brian Howard is one large fabulous hunk of raw comedy meat. His show is funny dammit and you will go to see it. Because you love the Broon Show, You love the Broon Show. You Love The Broon Show.......
Washing Well Wenches
The well wenches are the best act on the circuit. They are beyond funny dammit. They are nut-bursting, butt-bouncing, puke-in-your-own-lap funny.
Don Juan and Miguel
A couple of the elder statesmen of the Ren Faire circuit, these two were doing it when bob was still a dust mote in smuj's eye. Dammit, their show is funny... if you like that sort of thing.
Hack and Slash
These young upstarts think they got it going on. Alright, so maybe they do. But must they be so cocky? Their show is funny dammit.
Ik the Troll
He's soooooo cute.....and funny dammit.
Mr. Puppet
The Mud Show
This is the original... everything else is just a show in the mud.
The Other Brothers
These guys used to be called "Throw Up!" - a way better name, if you ask me.
Puke and Snot
Well, what can I say... their name says it all.
The Swordsmen
(Dirk and Guido)

This show has it all: witty, macho, bold and stupid men, and screaming women. It's funny dammit!
Theatre in the Ground
These guys are so dam'd funny...watch them soil their pants.
Thom Sellectomy
This guy sticks all kinds of crap down his gullet. Doesn't sound funny, but it is. Damn funny.
The Tortuga Twins
Look, they ain't twins, they ain't even brothers, so what the f**k!
Zoltan the Adequate
This is the guy who helped create this web site so I have to say something nice, or nothing at all. [My cup runneth over - ZtA]
Two grown men playing in the mud....honestly! Goddam they're funny.
The Zucchini Brothers
Back in 86, when ded bob was a non-entity, the Z. Bros. were flinging their way into the hearts of millions of Renaissance Festival audiences from Minneapolis to Viscaya. Their show is funny, dammit. So see it or... don't, what do I care?


Andy Offut Irwin
Offut the Minstrel

Behind the sweet innocent exterior lies the heart of a praying mantis. Don't turn your back on this guy, he'll eat you alive.
Axel the Sot
He's a slobbering, puking drunk... but funny dammit. Makes me laff all day.
The Bilge Pumps
These guys make the Backstreet Boys look like... the Backstreet Boys.
If there is paradise (which there is not), this band would provide the soundtrack.
Jim Hancock
Three Guys
and a Bunch of Drums

These guys hit things with other things, and they do it dam good!
The Real Rio
My next door neighbor, Rio Blue. The Host with the Most in Tune Town.


Adorn Thyself
Threads for Ded Heds
Crystal Mountain
Intimate friends and they smell good too!
The Shakespeare Tavern
This is where it all started for ded bob. The director of the company: Jeff Watkins is a man of vision and mania. If you're ever in Atlanta....
Scentually Yours
Smell Yummy... you'll get laid more.
The Benefits of Yoga

Do your body good.

Relieve Your Back Pain
with These Easy Yoga Poses


The Arizona Renaissance Festival

It's a dry heat.

The Bristol Renaissance Faire

Hot, sweaty fun in cheese-land

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Rude yucks for the buck-eyes

The Carolina Renaissance Festival

Irreverence in the Bible Belt

The Colorado Renaissance Faire

Stone Ded in the Rockies

The Georgia Renaissance Festival

Ranting in Atlanta

King Richard's Faire

Bobbing the Bluebloods

The Maryland Renaissance Festival

The Texas Renaissance Festival

Fun with Bubba

The Michigan Renaissance Festival

Hooplah in Holly Grove

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Hey dere, bob's in Minnysnowta now, you betcha!


The most thorough listing of faires I know of.

The SCRIBE listings
Ed and Ellen Westfield have worked incredibly hard compiling and maintaining this informational list of all the faires in Canada and the US, including information about location, dates, hiring, and so forth. Indispensible for anyone wanting to work at one of these faires.

Reference Sites
Internet Archive
[Webmaster's pick!] These incredible people save the entire internet every so often, and archive it. See what your favorite page looked like in '98!
The Renaissance Faire Junkie
This chick was pimpin' me on the web before I even owned a 'puter.
A Guide to
Renaissance Faire Costumes

Submitted by a teacher (which means she's automatically a hottie), despite being on a commercial website (which is not explicitly or endorsed by Ded Bob Inc., a division of Smuj International Comglomerate), this page has a whack of useful information for those of you creating your renfaire garb on the cheap.
Fashion Through Time    
Approved by the students of Mrs. McVey's fifth-grade class, this resource (on the ooShirts.com website) has information and links about clothing through a number of time periods... which includes, of course, Medieval and Renaissance.
Lulus Fashion Blog

How to Dress
for a Renaissance Fair
Medicine in Medieval Times

During the Middle Ages the texts of Dioscorides were the basis for herbal medicine. Plants were used as cures for specific illnesses or ailments or were seen as having healing powers for multiple problems.

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