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Date: 10/28/20   Subject: Ded Bob (Medieval question)
Good afternoon Ded Bob!
As a Mom I'm just reaching out to let you know that your links page was a big help to my daughter Payton. I hope you don't mind me contacting you...but I figured everyone could use a nice message these days! What a year 2020 has been!
With all the uncertainty still happening with COVID, Payton's school has moved all their work to virtual classrooms online. It's been quite the transition for sure, but I'm doing my best to help Payton with her homework to ensure she doesn't fall behind!
Right now I'm helping her with a Middles Ages projects she's working on for her Social Studies class. They're learning all about life in Medieval times! (I must say, I've always loved this part of history!) Your page led us to some great websites to check out and cite in the report, so I wanted to make sure we thanked you :)
That being said, I was also hoping you could add another link to your page? Payton found this guide last night which I was impressed with!
This is it....
Medicine in Medieval Times
Can you add a link to it on your page?
I'd love to show Payton - and her teacher! I think encouragement does wonders in kids and I know she'd get a kick out of it. It's nice to feel connected to people, even if we're still practicing social distancing.
And maybe Payton will even get some extra credit from her teacher if I show him? It would be a nice way to start off this nontraditional school year. (I can't believe it's almost November...the first report cards come out next month!)
Let me know if you get a chance to update!
The project is due on Friday, if you get a free moment to include it at some point by then! Looking forward to hearing from you!
Thanks again,
Sarah Jackson

Bob sez:
Will do.
My web guy will deal with it.

Date: 02/22/19   Subject: Ded Bob Online Fun Renaissance Classrooms
My daughter let me know that she has a project due in a few weeks about the Renaissance and she has the choice to pick whatever topic they want too. After all the papers are in and graded, they are going to be transforming their classroom into a Renaissance town. Everybody will be wearing costumes, having food and playing different games and just plain super-old fashion fun.
I honestly had no idea where to start, so I hit Google with some different questions and I did find a few different pages but your links page was more than helpful! and I wanted to say thank you! While my daughter was writing her paper, she told me to bookmark this page and I think it would make a great addition to your page! It talks about the history of renaissance fairs, the different clothing for nobles and peasants, the brightness in their colors and jewelry, the knight's and their weapons/armor. It has a ton more resources there that are so helpful.
The article is How to Dress for a Renaissance Fair - could you add it? I think it'll make a great addition and I know other kids or renaissance lovers can benefit from both sites just like Kaity and I did. Thanks again for all the help! It's more than appreciated!
Kaity and Nikki Solberg

Bob sez:
Will do.
I'll send this along to my web guy.
Happy to help.
Great luck with your festival!

Date: 11/09/18   Subject: New Class and New Project!
Hi Bob!
I want to share my appreciation for helping Kayla, Lilly, Tiffany, myself, and our students in the past! You may remember that you had added a link to your web page that our kids found about yoga! It was a very fun and exciting experience for all them - especially at our events! I am writing today to ask if you'd be willing to help me again with a similar project with my new students.
The excitement they get and the lesson that they learn about what they can accomplish is lifelong for them at this age. I am now teaching a new group of children, and little things to us, still have a huge impact on them!
After showing the class your website, I challenged them with finding an article that would be useful in learning about our project and also something that might be fun for you and your visitors. After we talked about exercise and yoga, they found this page about relieving back pain with yoga! I thought it was a great find since this is why I actually started yoga myself!
Relieve Your Back Pain with These Easy Yoga Poses
Would you please add it to your links page where you added the other one the last time? Then they can have the same learning experience, and get the same joy as my previous classes! Seeing their faces when they can click on it and know that they were responsible for it is really fun!
Thank you again for all of your help!
Rachel Martin

Bob sez:
Sent it to my web guy - keeps him out of the pool halls.

Date: 08/24/16   Subject: Ded Bob art from Michigan
Hey DedBob! We saw your show at the Michigan Renaissance Festival last weekend. My son, Evan, is 9, and the show really cracked him up! This is a picture he drew and asked me to send. He would love it if the picture made it onto your website.
Beth Westrick

Bob sez:
I love it!
I look like I'm eating a watermelon!
and smuj looks like a tennis racket wearing a hoodie.

Date: 10/23/18   Subject: Fan art
Hey Bob!
I saw your show at the Texas Renassiance Festival and I loved it! So has my brother, father and mother. You deserve to be a comedian and even better. Also, your jokes were very funny and so were your songs and stories. I hope to see you again soon! Also, I made you in Plotagon (my favorite app).

Bob sez:
Thanks for the feedback.
I'll see you again next time you come, and bring everyone you know....EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Date: 08/24/16   Subject: Ded Bob art from Michigan
Hey DedBob! We saw your show at the Michigan Renaissance Festival last weekend. My son, Evan, is 9, and the show really cracked him up! This is a picture he drew and asked me to send. He would love it if the picture made it onto your website.
Beth Westrick

Bob sez:
I love it!
I look like I'm eating a watermelon!
and smuj looks like a tennis racket wearing a hoodie.

Date: 06/07/14   Subject: Hey DB
I was at one of your shows today, the 3:30pm one 6/7/14 (Where no one in the crowd hardly laughed) Southern people aren't as quick witted as you or I and just didn't understand *shakes head*. Apparently all they can handle are fart jokes and biscuits and gravy. I for one sir found you funny!! I had a great time! Don't let these simple minded folk bring you down, they all should have been bonked! (what happened to your bonker?) Take it easy and I hope to see you next year!
-Sir Keviné of Wafflébreadé and Z. Rosé (Kevin Flynn)

Bob sez:
When you've been at this as long as we have, you have to expect this from time to time.
Don't get me wrong, it still sucked, but death must go on.

Date: 04/20/14   Subject: Boobs
Thanks for the boinking in stage. Loved the show. And thanks you for the compliments to my boobs!
-Busty Wench Brooke

Bob sez:
Here's to boobs, a chesty pair.
It's good to know they're always there.

Date: 04/02/14   Subject: How many DB's
I've been to 4 different festivals the Texas Ren. Fest. Scarburow Fest. Sherwoodforest Fes. and the Atlanta Fes. . The Atlanta DB was a G rated show the Texas show is allway's great . I'm going to the Bristol Ren. Fes. in July while your there i want my girlfriend to see your show. I've enjoyed your shows for years my sons grew up out at the Texas show we went every year for about 27 years not sure when we seen you the first time but after the first time it was every time we went!! LOVE THE SHOW THANKS!!!
-Steve (Sharyn Cummins)

Bob sez:
Dear Steve, or is it Sharyn Cummins?
Until you have decided on a gender, I'm not sure you should have custody of any children.
I'm having the proper authorities contacted, and you should expect abrupt and profound alterations in you current situation.
Understand this has nothing to do with homophobia, nor transgender bigotry but simply a common sense, appropriate response to your appalling lack of decisiveness in choosing an identity.
Children need a strong role model, regardless of that person's moral-straining proclivities.
For goodness sake man...ma'am...take a stand.
  ; )

Date: 03/31/14   Subject: North carolina renaissance festival
My husband, granddaughter and I enjoyed your show very much last year. You are extremely funny and entertaining. We will see you again this year at the ncrf ! Looking forward to having dedbob in our lives again. See you then.
-Barbara Ruble

Bob sez:
Alas, I won't see you.
My eyes were eaten by maggots, long long ago.

Date: 03/07/14   Subject: many thanks from a simple merchant girl.
Hello bob! I know you get told all the time that you are great, but guess what? you are awesome! I think you could put a smile on anyone's face and that's great :) I feel like I have missed out, because this past year at the Michigan renn fest was my first time seeing your show, even thought I have been going to that particular faire for many years. I am so glad I did finally attend your show however because it makes me smile, even when I am back home, or having a bad day at work, I can just think of your silly antics and it makes me laugh.
stay sassy bob,
-merchant girl Erica Ferris

Bob sez:
Sassy is my middle name. Not really.

Date: 02/17/14   Subject: Phoenix Renaissance
Just saw you with my girlfriend (her first). Just wanted to saw thanks for laughs.
The show had the Ukraine girl wander on stage to say hello. So strange but funny. Does that happen often?
-CPT Carl Burgess

Bob sez:
Not from Ukraine so much....
Usually, the stage wandering girls are all from Lubock, Tx.

Date: 08/25/13   Subject: Taken at Texas Renaissance Festival 11/30/2013
I unfortunately was at the very back, but i thought it was a cool picture of said Ded Bob
-Zombie Melody Anderson

Bob sez:
A very cool picture indeed.
I'll pass it along to my web nerd.
Eventually it should show up here, in the ded bob gallery:
See you next year,

Date: 08/25/13   Subject: Charlotte Renaissance Festival
Hey Dead Bob,
Loved Your showed although it was early Saturday morning and of the other people must have been Zomblies. Had they been human in some lifetime they would have surely rose again. We want to see more of Dead Bob's Dog next year. We'll be back in two weeks and want to see more..... of everything!
Two of Your Devoted Fans,
-Lynne and Michael Manning

Bob sez:
Bless you Lynne and Michael, may you spawn and produce more of your kind.

Date: 08/25/13   Subject: Magic Bob
Deer Ded Bob,
Pleeze help me understand sumthin. When you is ded, then you can't talk or nuthin. Smuj can't talk or else he is REALLY dum. So how can you talk? I keep looking for some smoke, mirrors or wires but theres nuthin there. I think you are magic. So I will call you Magic Bob, from now on.
OK Magic Bob?
-Dan McKinney

Bob sez:
smuj and I have what is known as a 'symbiotic relationship'. smuj talks only when he is with me.
Essentially, when he picks me up, I occupy his tiny brain, sort of like being possessed by a demon.

Date: 02/10/13   Subject: Florida Ren Fest
Heeeeeey Bob!
I moved from Houston to Miami and started going to the ren fest here in Miami (deerfield beach) and there was definately something missing, something Ded.
I am a big fan of your show, is there any chance you would be coming to Miami anytime?
A Ded Fan!
-Ricky Lopez

Bob sez:
The closest we'll get to you is Atlanta.
Find someone who lives five miles south of Atlanta, and move in with them for a few weeks during April/May.

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